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SUBMIT your headshot, a sample of work and your Zoom call availability schedule by July 17, 2023!

One Main character

- Handsome and charming Hearing male in his 30-40s

(No ASL needed, preferred strong acting background and need to be located in Sacramento.)

Minor Characters

- Deaf female best friend fluent in ASL, 30-40s.

- Deaf female friend #1 in 30-40s 

- Deaf female or gay male friend #2 in 30-40s

- Hearing Friend #1 in 30-40s 

- Hearing Friend #2 in 30-40s 

- Audist Hearing Friend #3 in 20-30s

Background Actors

- Five partygoers for the Bar scene.


  • Acting roles are voluntary and unpaid.

  • In exchange for their services, actors will receive credits and a copy of the film.

  • The film will be submitted to numerous notable film festivals, and the actors' work will be recognized internationally.

  • If necessary, local transportation and lodging will be covered.

  • Food will be provided during film production.

  • Most of the filming will take place in Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

  • The film production will span from July 29 to August 27, 2023, lasting for one month.

  • Main characters must be available during this period.

  • Signing the provided contracts is both expected and required.


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